Tips beli tiket Legoland murah

Kalo ada yang dah plan nak bawak anak² pergi Legoland, nak jimat² sikit boleh lah beli biskut OREO. Boleh redeem 'Kids Go Free'. banyak boleh jimat tu kan? Duit yang lebih tu boleh spend kat makan² ke atau cari hotel yang selesa sikit.hihihi

persediaan kitorang sebelum pergi Legoland..dapat jimat tiket darwisy.. Syarat untuk dapat Kids Go Free ni harus beli satu tiket dewasa dengan harga asal..hoyehhh

Kebetulan pulak bila duk sibuk² tengok website Legoland, terjumpa pulak promo 30% OFF to Legoland Malaysia

dah tentulah untuk Toy R Us Members! yeayy.. rezeki dapat jimatkan lagi satu tiket dewasa..Boleh lah beli tiket dengan promo 30%..

Kalo ada yang tengah cari tiket murah ke Legoland boleh lah guna kedua² promo yang kita share ni.Selagi boleh kita kurangkan perbelanjaan ke Legoland, selagi tu kita usaha.. ekeke

Voucher Information

1. Present this voucher upon purchase at LEGOLAND® Malaysia Theme Park Ticketing Counter for redemption of up to four (4) LEGOLAND Malaysia’s day-ticket entry (Adult/ Child/ Senior Citizen) at 30% discount.

2. Voucher is only valid for a SINGLE-DAY admission ticket (Adult/ Child/ Senior Citizen) only at the same time and day of purchase only.

3. Up to Four (4) admission day-tickets (Adult/Child/Senior Citizen) per voucher.

4. Offer is not applicable for pre-purchase or online sales and cannot be combined with any other discounts, rebates or promotions including Mykad promotion, annual passes, groups and education offers.

5. Ticket prices and operating hours are subject to change without prior notice.

6. LEGOLAND Malaysia reserves the right to refuse, alter, amend, delete or add to the stated terms and conditions or withdraw this promotion at anytime without prior notice.

7. This voucher cannot be exchanged for cash and is not meant for any resale purposes.

8. Additional restrictions may apply without prior notice.

9. This voucher expires on 31 Dec 2013.

10. By presenting this voucher, you agree to the terms and conditions applies at

11. Promo Code: 120102002

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